7 Must-Have Apps to Make Students Love Reading

(The Tech Edvocate) Let’s be honest: it’s exponentially more difficult in the digital age to keep students engaged! Because of the allure of apps, games and videos that are so easily accessible, many kids nowadays can’t quite summon the interest in picking up a good book.

What if you could leverage children’s love of technology to help build a lasting love of reading?

Does that seem like a paradox? You can make it a reality with these apps specifically for the purpose of making your students love reading.

Tales 2 Go. This audiobook app allows you to stream 6000 different stories. You can search based on age, interest or genre. You can also bookmark and add favorites. Subscriptions can be purchased by schools, parents or educators.

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Publication:      The Tech Edvocate
Author:             Matthew Lynch
Publish Date:   8.31.2017