Five Apps for Tutoring Students with Special Needs amid COVID-19 Pandemic

(The Knowledge Review) The COVID-19 has disorganized the world system, and the education system isn’t far behind. Schools across countries have been shut down to prevent the spread of this virus among youth. However, to keep the students’ education on track, teachers and parents together are choosing to opt for online learning platforms. Though some students have comfortably adjusted to their new way of learning, most students especially, the ones with special needs are finding it difficult to adjust themselves to this new environment. It has become difficult for parents and teachers to tutor their pupils in these drastic times. However, few apps in the market will allow these students to learn and continue their education such as:


An audio-book service that helps students who struggle to read while boosting their listening skills. The app possesses a comprehensive collection of stories and books irrespective of age. Its audio narrators have done a remarkable job of bringing stories from every genre to life.

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Publication:      The Knowledge Review
Publish Date:   3.31.2020