Grades 1-2 Comprehension Questions and Actvities

These comprehension questions and activities can be used as:

  • comprehension analysis (confirming understanding)
  • reader’s/writer’s notebook activities
  • informal assessment


  • What does the main character learn in the audiobook?
  • What is the audiobook mainly about? (one sentence)
  • What was the main problem?
  • Was the problem solved? How?
  • How can you describe the main character? (adjectives) Why?
  • What would the main character like about you?
  • Compare two characters in the audiobook- how are they alike and different?
  • Does this audiobook remind you of any other stories you’ve listened to recently?
  • Is the title of the audiobook appropriate? Why or why not?
  • How did the audiobook make you feel? Why?


  • What did you find interesting about what you listened to?
  • What new words did you hear in this selection? Use a dictionary to figure out what they mean
  • What are the most important ideas in the selection?
  • Does this make you think of anything in your life?
  • What is something new you learned from listening to this audiobook?
  • Why was the title a good fit for the audiobook?
  • What did you learn first, next, then, last in this audiobook?
  • Which parts of the audiobook were facts and which were opinions?
  • Was there any part of the audiobook that surprised you?
  • Was there a sad part of the audiobook? Funny? Exciting?


  • Explain the relationships between the characters (siblings, friends, etc.)
  • Write a summary about the selection
  • Make a list of 4 facts you learned
  • Draw 3 scenes from the audiobook and label as much as possible
  • Write an acrostic poem about one of the characters using their name
  • List 5 compound words you heard in the audiobook
  • Retell the audiobook from a different point of view (a different character, an animal, tree, house, etc.)