Grades 9-12 Comprehension Questions and Actvities

These comprehension questions and activities can be used as:

  • comprehension analysis (confirming understanding)
  • reader’s/writer’s notebook activities
  • informal assessment


  • What was the climax (high point/exciting) and what did you think about it?
  • How would the audiobook be different if it took place 200 years ago?
  • How would the audiobook be different if it took place 200 years in the future?
  • Who do you think the author intended to listen to this audiobook and why?
  • Do any characters remind you of anyone in your life?
  • What connections can you make between this audiobook and other audiobooks you have read or listened to?
  • Why do you think the main character is acting the way he/she is?
  • How did the main character change throughout the title?
  • What is the tone used throughout?
  • What is the author’s main message?
  • What metaphors are used in the title?
  • What is the connection/relationship between the setting and the plot?
  • Was the audiobook consistent with what you know about the time period the audiobook took place?
  • What are the internal and external conflicts?
  • Did the author use any non-English words? Why do you think they did that?
  • How has the author used satire or irony? Why was it included?


  • What knowledge do you have already of the topic?
  • What predictions can you make after listening to the beginning of the audiobook?
  • As you listen to the audiobook, how have your predictions changed?
  • What is the point of view?
  • What qualifications does the author have to write an informational book?
  • What conclusions have you drawn? What evidence supports your argument?
  • Are the social issues and cultural groups accurately represented in the audiobook?
  • What is the author’s purpose for writing the text?
  • What is the mood of the audiobook?
  • Are there any contradictions with the information presented?
  • Can you make connections to your life?
  • Have any of your ideas about the topic changed after listening to this audiobook?
  • Is the author bias in any way?


  • Write a review (like in the sleeve of a book) about the audiobook
  • Pretend you are a character in the audiobook…write 2 diary entries about your life
  • Design costumes for 5 characters (draw or actually create)
  • Organize the title into 3 sections and create your own subtitles for them.
  • Create a game with questions about the audiobook to share with others who read or listened to the same title
  • Write a poem about the audiobook
  • Write a short story using the same characters but with a different plot, setting and time period
  • Write a 10-question interview and make up answers for one of the characters
  • Summarize the audiobook concisely
  • Compare and contrast this audiobook to other texts about the same topic