Historical Fiction

My Brother Sam Is Dead Tales2go Audio Books

Standards and Objective

Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 6 topics, texts, and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly.

Analyze the main ideas and supporting details presented in diverse media and formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively, orally) and explain how the ideas clarify a topic, text, or issue under study.

Analyze the purpose of information presented in diverse media and formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively, orally) and evaluate the motives (e.g., social, commercial, political) behind its presentation.

Tales2go Titles

  • Across Five Aprils
  • My Brother Sam is Dead
  • Johnny Tremain
  • Dear America: Cannons at Dawn
  • American Girl: Felicity series
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Across America on an Emigrant Train 
  • My Guardian Angel
  • The Traitor’s Gate
  • Uprising
  • Adano
  • Dear America: The Fences Between Us
  • Dear America: With the Might of Angels
  • Glory Field
  • The Light in the Forest


Students will explore historical fiction texts, focused on American Revolution and Civil War titles.

Find the lessons here:

Lesson 1 Introduction To Historical Fiction

Lesson 2 American Revolution

Lesson 3 American Revolution Continued

Lesson 4 Civil War

Lesson 5 Civil War Continued

About Non-Fiction

From bugs to Benjamin Franklin to the berries we eat, non-fiction texts allow children to explore the world around them. Non-fiction texts explain why, how and where things happen so we can get a better understanding of life. Students are required to write non-fiction pieces such as biographies, explanatory, procedural and other writing styles often, so the more they listen to and read non-fiction, the more comfortable they will be writing it. You will find units here that are intended to be used with students learning about topics such as Animals, Presidents and Earth. Feel free to use these lessons exactly how they are written, or take ideas from them and make them your own!