Listening to stories activates a child’s brain.

(CNN) Educators have long understood the benefits of parents reading aloud to their children, stressing that every new word and sound strengthens the cognition needed to excel academically. According to a new study out of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, listening to pre-recorded stories activates parts of the left side of a child’s brain — a region associated with understanding the meaning of words and concepts and also in memory. These same brain regions have been found to be active when older children listen to stories or read. Read Article

John S. Hutton, Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus, Alan L. Mendelsohn, Tom DeWitt, Scott K. Holland, the C-MIND Authorship Consortium (2015). Home reading environment and brain activation in preschool children listening to stories. Pediatrics, 136 (3).

Publication:      CNN
Author:             Carina Storrs
Publish Date:   8.5.2015