Listening in Early Childhood: An Interdisciplinary View of the Literature.

(2010 ILA Conference) Mary Renck Jalongo, Ph.D. is a professor of education and director of the doctoral program in curriculum and instruction at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the editor of Early Childhood Education Journal. In this presentation she gave at the 2010 ILA Conference she lays out the argument for instituting a ‘pedagogy of listening’ in the service of optimal language development. She points out the listening comprehension is highly predictive of overall academic achievement (Bishop & Snowling, 2004; Nakamoto, Lindsey & Manis, 2008; Skarakis-Doyle & Dempsey, 2008). Oral language variables – even more than word identification – predicted reading comprehension in first grade (Lindsey, Manis & Bailey, 2003). Finally, the most common cause of early reading difficulty is weakness in children’s ability to apprehend, manipulate and use the sound structure of spoken language (Lonigan, 2005; Stojanovik & Riddell, 2008).  Read Presentation

Publication:      2010 ILA Conference
Author:             Mary Renck Jalongo, Ph.D.
Publish Date:   3.27.2010