How Children Learn to Read.

(The New Yorker) Fumiko Hoeft and her colleagues at U.C.S.F. published the results of a three year longitudinal study showing the importance of growth in ‘white matter’ in the temporoparietal region of the brain between kindergarten and third grade. In other words, growth between kindergarten and third grade was more important than the amount of white matter a student had upon entering kindergarten. This white matter is where the brain connects sounds and letters, and how they correspond. Hoeft believes that production of white matter is a function of both nature and nurture. In another study Hoeft and her colleagues have just submitted for publication, they try to turn their understanding of reading ability toward helping to identify the most effective teaching methods that could help develop it. Read Article

Fumiko Hoeft Ph.D. – selected publications

Publication:      The New Yorker
Author:             Maria Konnikova
Publish Date:   2.11.2015