Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word.

(The New York Times) The way to end the ‘word gap’ is to surround children with spoken, sophisticated vocabulary.  The article details a program called ‘Providence Talks’ which was funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and focuses on the city’s poorest residents.  Pre-school children are wearing a recording device which measures the number of words they’re hearing at home.  The more words a child hears, the bigger their vocabulary, and the more likely they’ll be successful in school.  Literacy experts have long been aware of a link between listening to fluent words, vocabulary acquisition and retention and, ultimately, reading proficiency.  Read Article

Fernald, Anne, Marchman, Virginia A., Weisleder, Adriana. SES differences in language processing skill and vocabulary are evident at 18 months. Developmental Science 16:2 (2013) pp, 234-248 – Stanford News Overview

Publication:      The New York Times
Author:             Motoko Rich
Publish Date:   3.25.2014