Summer Reading: Making it Easy and Fun

(Fredericksburg Today) Summer reading is many students’ least favorite part of summer. However, not reading can cause students to lose learning gains they’ve just spent almost a year making. Struggles with reading affects learning in all content areas and can lead to challenges passing future assessments and classes. Help your children to hold onto their reading skills this summer; motivate your children to read independently and practice reading skills over the long break with these easy to access and use apps:

  • Tales2Go

    Motivating children to read over the summer is often a difficult thing to do. Thankfully, audio books make summer reading much easier for less motivated students or struggling readers. Give your family access to thousands of outstanding audio books for just $9.99 a month with Tales2Go. Following along in the text while listening to the audiobook is a great strategy for emerging readers and this works really well on long road trips.

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Publication:      Fredericksburg Today
Author:             Experimac
Publish Date:   6.29.2018