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(Figur8) I’m an avid supporter of early reading and I strongly believe in the importance of reading for our children’s future success. Both my boys started reading early and they have a positive relationship with books. G1 devours books so quickly that we bought him an e-reader just so we don’t have to cart around our whole library.

Although G2 loves his books as well, he seems reluctant to move on to chapter books despite having the capability to do so. I thought we were making progress when he picked up Beast Quest, but he only seems interested in certain titles. Most of the time, he skims and only reads sections from the book but never the whole story from cover to cover.

So when I heard about Tales2go, I thought we should give it a go…

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Publication:      Figur8 Blog
Author:           Dr. Shen-Li Lee
Publish Date:   8.2016