Tales2go named Top 10 educational website

Homeschoolbase named Tales2go a Top 10 educational website. Multiple teachers, home educators, and homeschool parents provided feedback in determining their selection. All sites received Homeschoolbase’s Purple Stamp of Approval that honors exemplary websites/apps that offer quality, innovative, unique, cost-effective, or significant value to teachers, educators, and homeschooling families.

Tales2go surrounds students with the ability to listen to over 6,000 audio books, all containing sophisticated words. The opportunity to hear a more extensive vocabulary enables students to read and think more complex thoughts. For some students, the process of decoding and stringing sentences together does not come easily. Tales2go is universally recognized by educators as an effective tool to build fluency and motivation. It is beneficial for both struggling students and students that are ready to move to another level. Our homeschool families were familiar with Tales2go because of the discounted rates that were offered to groups and co-ops. Read Article

Publication:      Homeschoolbase.com
Publish Date:   1.6.2017