Tell Me (About) a Story

The Three Little Pigs Mrs. P Tales2go Audio Books

Standards and Objective

When you give children the opportunity to retell stories, you help them learn to organize and describe events and better understand plot and sequence, all of which enhances comprehension.


  • Strips of green, yellow and red paper
  • Stapler or tape

Tales2go Titles

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Little Red Hen
  • Goldilocks And The Three Bears
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • The Bossy Gallito
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes


To help young children build comprehension skills through story retelling, start by listening to a story together, such as The Three Little Pigs. After listening, retell the story. As you retell, comment on how you decide what information is important to include in your retelling. You might emphasize sequence and structure and talk about how good transition words help move the retelling from the beginning to the middle to the end. Demonstrate that retelling is not repeating the entire story word for word.

As you retell the story, visually support your retelling by making a story chain. With strips of green, yellow and red construction paper handy, start your retelling by writing the beginning story event on a green strip. Follow with yellow strips that include important story events that happen in the middle of the story. Conclude the retelling with a red strip and the ending of the story. Link all the story elements together in sequence into a paper chain.

Listen to The Three Little Pigs again. After listening, provide children with their own strips and encourage them to draw or write story elements that will help them orally retell the story to you. After they complete their chain, have them use it, moving their hands to hold different color links, as they retell the story out loud to you.


Extensions and Variations

Retell with a friend! Have small groups retell a story together. Let them work together telling each other what they remember about the story and then make a chain so that each member of the group has a link in the story to share.

For some learners, pictures and other props may be more helpful in creating a retelling. Provide a Story Map and access to a learning center stocked with appropriate items to support oral retellings, such as a felt board and felt pieces or small toys and objects that can be imaginatively used, such a blocks, Lincoln Logs, and straws.

About Comprehension

Comprehension is the ability to grasp something mentally and the capacity to understand ideas and facts. Listening to the audio books on Tales2go increases the comprehension of the student by allowing them to hear stories in the appropriate context, and to concentrate on the meaning of what is read. By just listening, barriers such as decoding are eliminated. As students use Tales2go to comprehend biographies, poems, plays, fables and more, their increased ability to comprehend literature motivates them to learn more and encourages them to read. Increased comprehension also makes it possible for reluctant readers to participate in classroom discussions in a meaningful way.