Top 10 Audible Alternatives That Are Cheaper Than Audible

(Techwiser) While Audible is one of the best audiobook platforms available, there are alternatives that are cheaper and offer different kinds of access and plans, depending on your need.

I liked Scribd better simply because it offers more for less. The collection of audiobooks matches Audible, and it offers other forms of content like eBooks, magazines, and news as well. While other alternatives are good, Scribd’s pricing makes it a clear winner. If you have deeper pockets, Audible is still the best.

I liked Downpour for its large library and rent model which allows me to move slowly and listen to audiobooks at my own pace without having to think about monthly renewals.

I like Tales2go because they are the best resource when it comes to the education sector. A must have if your kid goes to K12 school.

LibriVox is the only free Audible alternative I reviewed because I found it to be the best.

Which one do you use and why?

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Publication:      Techwiser
Author:             Gaurav Bidasaria
Publish Date:   12.27.2017