What Age Should Kids Read Chapter Books?

(Romper) Unless you’re well-versed in Early Childhood Education, it can be hard as a parent to really know what your child is “supposed” to be doing at what age — like, reading. Of course every child is different, and though we shouldn’t compare their growth or development to any other child’s, it’s nice to have a little marker in mind when it comes to milestones. If you’re the parent of an emerging reader, you might have some questions. Like, what’s “typical” when it comes to reading ages? And what age should kids read chapter books?

…when wanting to instill positive reading habits in your kids, consider your own behavior, says Gwen Mak, M. Ed., professional development coordinator at Tales2go and former Montessori teacher/administrator. “They will remember what you intend to teach them, as well as what you don’t intend to teach them, but may expose them to inadvertently,” Mak notes. It’s important for parents to evaluate their own actions and to be aware of the behaviors they model to their children. “Kids who observe their parents reading are more likely to want to engage in the same behavior,” she says.

Make reading a family pastime, and consider the levels your kids are reading a little less than the love they are building for it. Children develop and learn at different paces, and though there are certain minimal standards, there is no “right” level for all children. If your kiddo is into books and reading, that’s pretty much a win by all standards.

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Publication:      Romper
Author:             Ojus Pate’
Publish Date:   4.26.2018