10 Ways to Use Audiobooks in the Classroom

(We are Teachers) Thirty second graders are sitting at their desks, entranced. The classroom lights are dimmed and the only sound is a suspenseful voice coming over a pair of speakers. The students are listening to the audio version of Michael Buckley’s Sisters Grimm series, part of a special tradition in Brown’s classroom. Every day after recess, Brown’s students spend ten minutes listening to a shared audiobook and then discussing what they heard as a class.

Brown says that it’s one of her favorite moments of the teaching day, and her students love it, too. While a few of them could read Buckley’s series on their own, most aren’t ready for it as independent readers. Yet the audio recordings allow everyone to participate in the experience, enjoying Buckley’s vivid characters, challenging vocabulary and rich, imaginative world. Read More

Publication:      We Are Teachers
Author:             Hannah Hudson
Publish Date:   1.18.2016