Mom in DC Case Study

Mom in DC


Paige Kevill, a mom in Washington, DC, was looking for resources to help entertain and educate her two boys.


Love of literature is key in the Kevill household.


The youngest Kevill (they call him “G”) who will listen to Tales2go for hours on end.

“I recommend Tales2go to parents all the time. It’s like broccoli that tastes like ice cream.”

– Paige Kevill (Mom)


The Kevills use Tales2go in a variety of ways. Paige says, “It’s been a staple in carpool because it has an amazing calming effect on children in the car. I was once trapped on the beltway with five rambunctious eleven year-olds on the way to an athletic practice. I put on a story… then instant calm. At the end of the 45 minute ride, the kids asked if they could continue listening on the ride home.” The Kevill kids also listen to Tales2Go at breakfast, and in the bathtub (because its relaxing).

An individual subscription


Amazing leaps in vocabulary. Paige shared the time when her younger child came up to her on a cold and rainy day and said, “Mama, the rain is breath-quenchingly cold!” She thought to herself that she had never in her life used the term, and yet her child had said and used the phrase correctly, based on having heard it in a Tales2go story.