Story Map

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Tales2go Audio Books

Standards and Objective

This activity provides an opportunity for children to use visual representation to improve comprehension and interpretive abilities. By sequencing main story events and organizing key elements, children will learn to identify key elements of a story, better organize details and their own ideas about a story, and understand sequence.


  • A whiteboard or flipchart
  • Markers
  • Story map graphic organizer for each child

Tales2go Titles

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Jack and the Beanstalk


After having listened to a story, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, discuss and demonstrate to the group how to map the story. Ask for responses or call on children to share what they know about what makes up a story, such as characters, plot, setting, problem and solution, or more basically, beginning, middle, and end. Have children listen to the story again. This time as they listen, have them work on completing their story map, giving them time to finish once they are through listening.

Check student understand with questions posed to the group or individuals, such as how does the story end, who are the main characters, or where does the story take place. Once the story has been discussed, encourage children to retell the story in their own words through their own writing and drawing.

Extensions and Variations

In the story, the family of the three bears has a nice, well-furnished place to live. Encourage children to think about what a real bear’s home looks like. Are there chairs and beds? Kitchens for cooking porridge? Brown bear habitat includes forested mountains, meadows, and river valleys. Help children find information in books or online about the real places bears live. Ask them to draw and color a picture of the three bears in their natural habitat.

Instead of having children retell the story in their own words, have them retell it as a story of their own having them change the characters, have it take place somewhere different, or change the change. Offer examples to get writers started, such as “Curlytop and the Three Monkeys” or “Golden Boy and the Three Cheetahs.”


Basic Beginning-Middle-End Story Map (PDF download)

Detailed Beginning-Middle-End Story Map (PDF download)

Key Story Elements Story Map (PDF download)

About Comprehension

Comprehension is the ability to grasp something mentally and the capacity to understand ideas and facts. Listening to the audio books on Tales2go increases the comprehension of the student by allowing them to hear stories in the appropriate context, and to concentrate on the meaning of what is read. By just listening, barriers such as decoding are eliminated. As students use Tales2go to comprehend biographies, poems, plays, fables and more, their increased ability to comprehend literature motivates them to learn more and encourages them to read. Increased comprehension also makes it possible for reluctant readers to participate in classroom discussions in a meaningful way.