A critical tool in the fight for better literacy.

Tales2go, your partner in the fight for better literacy.

From the school district striving for better literacy to the individual classroom or resource teacher, we have a subscription plan just for you.

Tales2go has multiple subscription plans designed to accommodate large districts, single schools and individual educators, parents and caregivers. We welcome the opportunity to work with schools, districts and consortia on solutions that work best for them.  Individual educators, parents and caregivers can purchase subscriptions directly from our store, or within the apps.


Thanks for your interest in Tales2go! In order to better develop a solution for your school or district, please fill out the following form and an advisor will get back to you as soon as possible.
It would be useful to learn more about your specific needs, the size of your school or district, and how you think we might help. Tales2go is often added to classroom literacy rotations as a separate 20-minute station. Adding a listening component to reading instruction has been shown to improve student achievement.

Our plans:

Building License

A building license provides access for all school-owned devices within a building, plus gives one license for every student to take home to use year-round on a personal device. Pricing is based on student population and ranges from $600 to $1,995 per building for up to one thousand students. Discounts available for larger per building enrollments and bulk purchases.

Library License

A library license provides up to 10 licenses for computers within a library media center and 25 lendable licenses to share with specific students on mobile devices. $500 annually.

Other Options

Talk to us about some other kind of implementation such as remote students in a virtual school. Pricing varies depending on the number of licenses purchased.

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