Teaching kids to read is much harder than you think.

(thenotebook.org) Literacy expert Nell Duke has said that teaching children to read is like rocket science. Knowing the alphabet and how to decode words is not sufficient. Among critical areas of language and literacy development that should be pushed in every preschool and K-3 classroom is oral language. Oral language drives vocabulary acquisition and retention. “A rich base in oral language, especially for children living in poverty, is a must,” said Duke. To explain this concept, Duke displayed the sentence, “observe the veins in the leaf.” Duke pointed out that families from certain social groups would more likely to use the word “look” instead of “observe.” Therefore, if a student hadn’t heard the word “observe” before, they would immediately be at a disadvantage. Read Article

Nell Duke Ed.D. – selected publications

Publication:     thenotebook.org
Author:             Fabiola Cineas
Publish Date:   7.10.2015