The Unheard History Of Books In Your Ears

(WBUR) Books in your ears. The history of audiobooks from wax cylinders to the digital age.  We’ll trace the untold story of the talking book. The digital age has done a number on the music, movie and publishing industries. But audio books? They’re going wild. Audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in the book business today, the Wall Street Journal reports. They’re on smartphones, they’re in ear buds, they’re on long commutes and at laundromats. Does listening to a book equal reading a book? Who cares, listeners say. Just bring me the story. This hour On Point, the huge, seductive world of audiobooks. — Tom Ashbrook 

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Publication:      On Point (WBUR)
Author:             Tom Ashbrook
Publish Date:   11.17.2016