Why Audio Books in the Classroom?

(pernillesripp.com) Educator Pernille Ripp advocates using audiobooks in the classroom, for reasons such as equity in reading experience, supporting critical thinking skills and re-igniting a passion for reading. Ms. Ripp is working with students who are having incredible reading experiences this year, kids who have never liked reading, are begging for the next book, and begging for time to listen. Yes, listen, because these students are devouring one audio-book after another. Comprehending the words without having to struggle through the decoding.  Accessing stories that they have heard their friends talk about.  No longer looking at the easier books while they long for something with more substance.  Her students are becoming readers with the help of audio-books. Read More

Publication:      pernillesripp.com
Author:             Pernille Ripp
Publish Date:   1.7.2016